This Year’s Most Popular Baby Names Are Pop Culture Soaked

When I was a kid, I wanted to name my first daughter Madison. Why? Because I’d just seen “Splash” and thought Daryl Hannah was just the awesomest. Little did I realize that zillions of other women were thinking the same thing and there was a big spike in the number of Madisons born that year. Pop culture can have a big impact on names, and the effect is pretty obvious looking at this list of Baby Center’s 100 most popular babe names for the year.
The most popular names for girls:

  1. Sophia. I’d like to think that this is “Golden Girls”-related. But it might be more about “One Tree Hill” and Sophia Bush.
  2. Isabella. Which Twihards can easily shorten to “Bella.”
  3. Olivia. Take your pick of Olivia Wilde, Olivia Munn, or “The City”‘s Olivia Palermo. Or maybe our Olivia Allin?
  4. Emma. Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, and Emma Stone are all amazing young ladies.
  5. Chloe. After the fashion house, perhaps?

The most popular names for boys:

  1. Aiden. Maybe after the band or the character in “The Ring.”
  2. Jacob. An ode to everyone’s favorite werewolf.
  3. Jackson. This has to be about Michael Jackson dying last year.
  4. Ethan. After Ethan Hawke or Tom Cruise’s character in “Mission Impossible.”
  5. Jayden. As in the Jayden Smith, the “Karate Kid.”

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