What We Liked And Hated About The Grammy Nominations

Last night, the Grammy Nominations Concert tried its best to distract us from “Top Chef: All-Stars” and “Celebrity Rehab 4.” It was unsuccessful, but I did DVR the special and fast forward through it this morning. LL Cool J hosted and, nestled among the nomination announcements, there were performances by Katy Perry, an oddly old-looking Justin Bieber, Miranda Lambert, and Bruno Mars. After the jump, three things that made me happy about the 2010 Grammy lineup and three things that made me sad.
We’ll start with the good:

  • That Cee-Lo’s “F**k You” is nominated for Song of the Year. It better win. It’s hard to create an angry song that’s that catchy and upbeat, not to mention that it feels both Motown and completely fresh at the same time. Love it.
  • When Katy Perry, upon hearing that Teenage Dream is up for Album of the Year, said, “Hell, yes! Excuse me, sorry CBS.” It was cute.
  • That several of my personal faves—like Arcade Fire, Janelle Monae, Broken Bells, Florence & the Machine, and the Black Keys—all got nods.

And the things that had me scratching my head:

  • That Chris Brown got three nominations for Graffiti. I know personal actions don’t count in the voting process, but ugh. Also, he should have been vetoed based on the album cover alone.
  • That Kanye West and Nicki Minaj only got one nomination a piece when their albums are what we’re listening to on repeat right now. New York magazine cracked the code, though, saying that this is because the albums came out after the September cut-off for eligibility. Someone needs to change that date, stat.
  • That the nominees for Best Rock Album (Pearl Jam, Jeff Beck, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Neil Young, and Muse), Best Hard Rock Performance (Alice in Chains, Ozzy Osbourne, Stone Temple Pilots, Them Crooked Vultures), and Best Metal Performance (Iron Maiden, Korn, Lamb of God, Megadeth, and Slayer), 85 percent made me feel like I was stuck in the ’90s.

What were you happy to see get a Grammy nod? And who are you hoping doesn’t win?