Pete Doherty Launches Jewelry Line (And Looks A Little Bloated)

Another day, another random celeb announcing a fashion line of some sort. In the spotlight now is bad boy rocker and one-time Kate Moss boyfriend Pete Doherty, who just launched a vintage-inspired jewelry line called Albion Trinketry. Designed in collaboration with Hannah Martin, the collection is “inspired by a time when men carried pocket watches and wore their best clothes on Sundays,” according to Vogue UK. (We totally called this! The monocle will be back in full force before you know it.) The Daily Mail also had this to say about Mr. Doherty: “[He] shocked guests at his jewelry launch last night with his bloated appearance.” Hey, now. It’s never polite to say these things out loud. But they do have a point. We do have to wonder, however … maybe we’re so used to seeing the straw-thin, strung-out Doherty that his weight gains seems more drastic than it really is? And we’re also wondering what exactly qualifies Doherty as a jewelry designer in the first place? [Vogue UK, Daily Mail]