Frisky Reader Revealed: Getting To Know Silvii

Hands down, the best thing about working at The Frisky is our amazing readers. We so heart all of your witty, thoughtful, and informative comments—heck, we even appreciate the mean ones. Sometimes, we can’t help but wonder about the faces behind the avatars. So we decided to launch a weekly column where we learn all about a Frisky reader. After the jump, meet Silvii, one of our most prolific commenters. Please state your name, age, and location for The Friskyverse.

I’m Maria, 30 years old and I’m originally from Bedfordshire, England. I now live in Calgary, Alberta!

How did you find the site?

It was through a link on Lemondrop. I was blown away at how smart, funny and passionate the commenters were and it’s not often you find sites that have that, so I had to stay.

What do you do all day, other than follow The Frisky, which is totally condoned?

I’m unable to work right now as I’m waiting for my Permanent Residence visa to finish processing. Right now, I blog and try to improve my culinary skills. It can be testing at times and I can’t wait to have other activities in my routine that don’t just involve going to the gym, the library or the local Tim Hortons. I used to teach English in Japan and I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed seeing people progress and teaching the little kids made my ovaries melt! I would like to go back to school once I have my visa and do something useful with my art degree.

Relationship status?

I have an awesome boyfriend who I’ve been with for a year and seven months.

What is your fave post in recent Frisky history?

One of them has to be Wendy’s ghost story. I couldn’t stop thinking about that story way after I’d read it and it creeped me out! Others I like are the Dear Wendy posts and the Girl Talk articles where you get to read funny, sometimes sad, but thought provoking stories. I especially love the “What Are We Wearing Today?” feature. I’ve bought some items of late, inspired by the Frisky ladies.

What are your pop culture guilty pleasures?

I love feel-good reality shows like “Undercover Boss.” I also like “Modern Family,” “Boardwalk Empire,” “Glee,” “True Blood,” “No Ordinary Family,” and “Mad Men.” I miss shows from back home, so I’ll stream an episode of “Grand Designs” or “The River Cottage” series to keep me going. I’m partial to a few Japanese dramas that are adapted from anime comics like “Hana Yori Dango”(Boys Over Flowers) and “Hanazakari no Kimi Tachi e” (For You In Full Bloom).

Can you share your most embarrassing dating story? We always share ours. It’s only fair.

More humiliating than embarrassing; I made the ill-advised decision to date a friend of one of my housemates a few weeks after breaking up with a long term boyfriend. The first week went fine, then everything started moving way too fast. He invited me down to London and to meet his parents. After only two weeks of dating, I thought it was a bit too soon, but I finally gave in. On the way there, he was texting an ex-girlfriend and I told him that wasn’t cool. He told me off and made up an excuse that no one stops contacting someone they’ve spent two years with. The whole weekend was a disaster, from the trashing me in front of his friends, getting me to bankroll his “partying,” to his sudden personality change. I also got an allergic rash from his cat which made an appearance on my face. He got back with his ex-girlfriend a week later.

Who is your celebrity doppelganger?

I got told by a crazy Japanese guy that I looked like Vivien Leigh, but I don’t think I have one. People mostly play guessing games with my country of origin.

What type of skivvies do you have on right now?

Black lace boy shorts.

What is your secret talent?

I’m pretty decent at general knowledge questions. At university, my friends would persuade me to team up with them at the local pub quiz. I especially love playing Trivial Pursuit (we have the ones with the poker chips) with my fella and our friends on snowy evenings like these.

Favorite book, movie, musician or band?

I love Bill Bryson for a funny read, Lily Burana, Margaret Atwood, Jane Austen, Nick Hornby, Neil Gaiman and Howard Zinn. I love Mike Leigh movies because they give the audience little snapshots of England. I’m into my foreign language movies like “101 Reykjavik,” “Man Without a Past,” and Pedro Almodovar movies but my favorite will always be “Singles.” Music wise, I’m a fan of Rilo Kiley, Belle & Sebastian, Ellie Goulding, Ozomatli, We Are Scientists, Crystal Castles, The Cure, QOTSA and Scandinavian metal.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Richard Armitage, Shun Oguri, Michael Spears and Chaske Spencer—he’s the only reason I’ll accompany my fella’s sister in-law to a “Twilight” movie.

What’s something you hope to see more of on The Frisky?

I liked the post where everyone suggested their favorite sandwich, that one was great because I was able to suggest fillings for my fella’s work lunch, so more food recipes would be excellent. Perhaps some crafty ideas to rejuvenate clothes and accessories on the cheap. Lastly if this could happen, I would like a force field that repels the annoying spammers.