Fashion Ilustrator aleXsandro Palombo Goes Too Far With Anne Frank And Hitler Art

I’ll admit to enjoying fashion illustrator aleXsandro Palombo’s cheeky commentary on fashion designers, icons, and the industry, in general, on his blog Humor Chic … at first. And I might even wear one of his “I Love Anorexia” T-shirts if it wouldn’t elicit a lecture from Jessica, but lately Palombo’s “art” has become so vulgar and controversial just for the sake of controversy. I, like Jessica, don’t see the meaning or point behind a drawing of a skeletal Rachel Zoe sitting on a toilet. It’s just crass. And I sure as hell don’t think a sexed-up Anne Frank with her 14-year-old head pointing a machine gun at Adolf Hitler’s head says anything of worth either.

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Palombo’s illustration imagines that Frank would be a super heroine ridding society of what ails it — racism, anti-Semitism, oppression, etc. And Hitler, decked out in a bunch of logos, represents these ailments. And while the image of Hitler works slightly better as a stand-alone piece, the intention behind the total image is hard to understand without Palombo’s written commentary. His illustrations should work on their own without any explanation. All in all, I find nothing humorous or chic about these illustrations. What do you think? [Humor Chic]