Beauty Test Drive: Dior Holiday Collection Eyeshadow Quad

I’m not the type of woman who spends her money on one high-quality product — no, I’m a lots-of-little-cheaper-things, Forever 21-type of shopper. But when it comes to spending a little more money on much better quality makeup, Dior’s Holiday Collection Makeup Palette For The Eyes will convert me. At $44, it’s a little pricey. But as a devoted smoky eye fan, it is hands-down the best smoky-eye color palette, as well as the highest quality eyeshadow, I’ve ever used. The color palette is richly pigmented and gorgeous: a radiant midnight blue, gunmetal silver, a shimmery taupe, and white highlighter. (This color palette is exclusive to Sephora, who sent me the palette for review. But if these specific colors don’t suit you, the newly launched sells another version of the eyeshadow quad with slightly different, pinkish colors.) I’ve used one side of an eyeshadow brush to sweep the taupe across my lids and the other side to sweep the white highlighter under my browbone. Then I take the pointier end of the Dior makeup brush included in the kit and draw little V-s around the inner rims of my eyes — this really makes them pop! I then take a smudge brush and pat the gunmetal silver into the folds of my eyelid, generally in a crescent shape. Lastly, I dip a flat eye liner brush into the radiant blue shadow and drag it along my upper lash line. (I’ll usually dust off the smudge brush and blend everything together, too, just in case it looks too stripey.)

The result? The loveliest, most eye-popping smoky eyes I’ve ever worn. Seriously, I get compliments on my eye makeup every time I use this palette. I think it’s not only the four-color medley — ahem, anyone remember trying to do your first smoky eyes in high school with just black eyeshadow and looking like a raccoon? — but the quality of the shadow. Most eyeshadows I wear, even in high-quality brands like NARS, are so powdery that the pigments end up all over my cheekbones by mid-afternoon. But these Dior shadows are downright silky, blend right into my eyes and stay there. I’ve slept in smoky eyes three or four times since getting this palette (sorry, I know that’s a skincare no-no) and the makeup stays pretty much intact.

For what it’s worth, the small blue case this quad comes in appears to be of sturdy quality as well. I’ve carried it around in my purse for a few weeks and it hasn’t crushed or bent. I am the queen of breaking makeup compacts (especially the ones made by MAC, for some reason) so it’s definitely a plus for me that this goober is still in one piece!

Unfortunately, this palette is a limited edition from Dior just for the holidays — so act quickly, ladies. I guess I’ll just have to figure out what to do when the colors run out!

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