19 Dirty Questions We Still Have About Sex

As a Frisky gal, I’ve analyzed sex from every angle … even the unflattering ones. But to be honest, there’s still some stuff that goes on during sexy time that makes me scratch my head with wonder. Some of the nitty gritty of the bump ‘n’ grind remains a mystery to me. And while, yes, we ladies love an enigma, even more when it comes wrapped in an orgasm, I’m still left with these random naughty questions. And for all those ex-boyfriends out there who have asked me what I’m thinking when my mind seems to wander while we’re doin’ it, here are your answers. When it comes to sex, these are the things that make me go “hmmm … “

    1. How come the same amount of booze it takes me to have sex can also be the same amount that stops me from being able to get off?
    2. Why do guys feel threatened by vibrators, but no woman is intimidated by a flesh light?
    3. Why are guys obsessed with doing the butt?
    4. Why do women care about penis size when about 75 percent only get off from clitoral stimulation?
  1. How did pubes get such a bad rap?
  2. Why do babies have to go out the way they came in?
  3. Why don’t men get more oxytocin than women? We’ve already bonded to the dude if they’re doing us. Shouldn’t they be the ones getting super dosed?
  4. Why do peen rings make a dude’s junk look so adorbs?
  5. Why does sex have that smell?
  6. While we’re at it, why do crotches have that smell?
  7. In a possibly related question: why is the Hershey factory so close to the hot pocket?
  8. Why do some guys think it’s OK to force your head while you’re giving them head?
  9. Why does every guy want to finish on my face?
  10. How come great sex isn’t enough to keep us happy?
  11. What did people do B.C.E. B.C.L. before the common lube?
  12. How come the media and “experts” keep trying to tell us that there is one kind of ideal sexy person? I like bald, fat dudes with acne scars and lotsa chest hair, suck it Science Of Sex Appeal.
  13. Why are men more willing to get naked at the drop of a hat?
  14. Why is foreplay more stimulating than the actual penis-in-vagina sex?
  15. How come sex with hot people is almost never as hot?