Will You Read “LuckyKids” Magazine?

I don’t pay attention to the ads in Women’s Wear Daily often, but today I noticed an ad seeking advertisers for LuckyKids magazine. Now, I love Lucky, the women’s magazine about shopping, as much as the next style geek seeking relatable fashion (and I even still own the very first issue of Lucky), but I can’t for the life of me understand why Condé Nast is going to publish LuckyKids. The ad says it’s going to be “the fun & stylish way to navigate parenthood,” but since the publisher is branding it with the Lucky name, I suspect it will be nothing short of an extended shopping list of clothes and toys with a bit of educational mumbo-jumbo thrown in, so as not to generate negative criticism. I find it really odd that a magazine would try to cover shopping for children because kids grow so darn fast. The majority of the targeted readers either can’t afford to buy their kids clothes often (and will feel guilty about it), send their children to a private school where uniforms are mandatory, or can afford to pay someone else to raise the kiddies. Not to mention, Condé Nast tried to cater to upper-echelon mothers with Cookie, and it folded last year.

A better use of these resources could have been a revival of Domino (I’m just saying). Maybe I feel this way because I’m not a parent? Are you looking forward to reading LuckyKids when it goes on sale in April? Are there any other mags that speak to the modern and fab mom?