Jake Gyllenhaal And Taylor Swift Are In A Serious Coffee Date Rut

In the month they’ve been rumored to be dating, Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift have already settled into a pretty blah routine. At first, their courtship had a zip of excitement with a spotting backstage at “Saturday Night Live” and a jaunt to London. But now, the two are clocking a whole lot of time in coffee shops. Which makes some sense because, well, Taylor is only 20 and can’t go anywhere that requires carding. But still, borrrrring.

After the jump, a timeline of how Jake and Taylor fell into their caffeinated rut.

  • Sunday, October 24. Jake and Taylor were spotted out together for the first time—after hanging out for a bit backstage at “SNL” the night before—getting brunch at Al Di La in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, right by where Maggie lives. They also strolled around the neighborhood arm-in-arm.
  • Thursday, October 28. The twosome went apple-picking together. A source dished, “They were walking through the trees, having fun together. They looked happy. Jake bought their apples on the way out which came to three bucks.” [The Edge]
  • Wednesday, November 3. Jake and Taylor go for an ice cream date at McConnell’s Ice Cream Parlor in Santa Barbara. Neither could make up their mind on what flavor to get. “[Taylor] got a suggestion from one of our workers; she ordered chocolate burnt almond, and he got custard vanilla yogurt. They were very nice and seemed comfortable around each other,” said a source. [E! Online]
  • Friday, November 12. Jake flies Taylor, via a private jet, to London, where they stay at the Dorchester hotel. “Jake wanted some quality time with Taylor,” a source said. “If he hadn’t done this, they would have missed each other as he had to fly back to the U.S. He hired a jet which would have easily set him back $150,000.” [OMG Music]
  • Thursday, November 25. The two make an appearance at Gorilla Coffee in Brooklyn, New York, in the morning. “They asked one of the coffee shop employees for help picking out beans,” a source said. “They both seemed super nice and wound up ordering lattes.” Again, their drinks were spiked with maple syrup. This appearance is especially notable because I was at this very same coffee shop at noon, and the pair didn’t have the common courtesy to wait for me. [Just Jared]
  • Saturday, November 27. Fido, a coffee shop near Vanderbilt University in Nashville, is where Jake and Taylor head this time. TMZ managed to snag a photo of the two ordering. Taylor wears a knit cap with hearts on it. Aww. [Just Jared]
  • Sunday, November 28. Jake and Taylor have their first Frothy Monkey experience in Nashville, Tennessee. A source says, “Apparently Jake likes a cappuccino with maple syrup. Frothy has the real deal in the maple syrup department.” [People]
  • Monday, November 29. The two check out Crema, another Nashville coffee spot. [People]
  • Tuesday, November 30. The two go back to the Frothy Monkey for more maple lattes. [People]

Here’s hoping they start mixing things up again soon. We are so almost over this pair.