20 Reasons The ’90s Rocked

The ’90s was a big time in my life. When they started, I was a freshman in high school and when the final day of the decade rolled around, I was a college graduate trying to find my place in the “real world.” Needless to say, the era holds a special place in my heart and I have a ton of wonderful (and not so wonderful memories) from the time. So, it’s been fun reading the #why90srocked hashtag over on Twitter and getting a peek into other people’s ’90s nostalgia. Of course, I feel freakin’ ancient every time someone tweets “I was born in the ’90s!” But there have been quite a few other points that make me remember all over again why the decade was so much fun. After the jump, a few of my favorite things from the ’90s (feel free to leave your own in the comments).

  1. We actually spent time socializing face-to-face. Imagine!
  2. It was always fun coming home and seeing the answering machine light blinking.
  3. Especially if there was a message from someone cah-ute.
  4. Carbs were still cool.
  5. Being ironic belonged to Alanis, not hipsters.
  6. “Saturday Night Live” was still funny.
  7. Will Smith was still quite likable (what’s up, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”?).
  8. Zima!
  9. Mix CDs
  10. Regular CDs!
  11. Seattle grunge music
  12. Reality TV was still a manageable little baby you could stick in a sock drawer at nap time.
  13. Overalls worn unironically
  14. Baby doll dresses
  15. Before caller ID, prank calls were still an acceptable and fun way to spend a restless Tuesday night in your dorm room.
  16. Ani DiFranco, Tori Amos, and the Indigo Girls
  17. “Clueless,” “Singles,” “Reality Bites”
  18. “Seinfeld,” “My So-Called Life,” “In Living Color”
  19. A six-pack cost six bucks.
  20. Sarah Palin who?