Um, No: Ch’Arms, The Bodyshapers For Your Arms

You can blame Michelle Obama for this one. Thanks, Mobama, for making America so obsessed with your sculpted guns. Of course, most of us are too lazy to work out hardcore enough to actually attain Mobama-worthy results. So now there are shaping devices for your arms to fake having toned limbs. In the bizarro mixed-up world of the Home Shopping Network, you may come across these: Ch’Arms, the Spanx-like body shapers for your arms.Ever since the advent of Spanx, we’ve seen tons of variations on the product, often in weird forms. (Spanx for men, Spanx swim, Spanx tanks, etc.) Would we be so off in saying that eventually someone will create a Spanx suit to suck in every inch of your body? [Jezebel]