Must Read: Twitter Feed @NoBtotheS Fashion Industry Insider Rants

If you’re a sucker for “Project Runway,” “The City” or any other show that takes you behind the scenes of the fashion world (or supposedly portrays “real life,” whatever that is), you’ll love @NoBtotheS, an anonymous Twitter account representing the perspective of a woman in fashion PR. As her handle suggests, she’s dedicated to calling out all the BS she sees in the fashion industry, and we find her updates hilarious and juicy (plus, we totally recognize all the crazy behaviors of players in the style realm). Better yet, Fashionista has commissioned @NoBtotheS to write a column about her observations. Some of the best tidbits from her Fashionista column so far … after the jump! [Fashionista]

“Great (unrealistic) expectations: Every PR and all of their clients want a feature in Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. But, see, you have no news and your vacation home isn’t that cool… so let’s focus our energy elsewhere, shall we? Like Glamour or Marie Claire….”

“Diva designers: So, I get that in order to “create” you must open up crazy parts of your brain and whatnot, but does that mean that you then have to close the part of your brain that governs logic and reasoning? Calling emergency PR meetings at 3am, disappearing for important licensee meetings and smuggling beer into press previews doesn’t make me think you’re creative so much as it makes me think you’re seriously unbalanced.”

“Half of you [fashion editors] look sickly: I get it–we work in an image-based industry. I’m the first person to start a juice fast the moment I don’t fit into a sample, but come on. From the back you look like a school aged boy! This isn’t good! We cater press events for a reason…it’s because we’re worried about your health. So, take a cookie. I promise it won’t kill you.”