The 30-Day Cellulite Challenge: Day 20

And so we return from the holidays for another edition of the 30-Day Cellulite Challenge. Nothing says, “Bring on the cellulite!” like the holiday season, really, what with all the binge eating, the fatty foods, and the lolling about on the sofa. Prior to Thanksgiving, I was reporting great results from the anti-cellulite creams I’m using for a month. Did the results hold up? Find out.Well, things are looking pretty good. I’d say at this point the appearance of cellulite on my butt and the backs of my thighs is about 30-percent of what it used to be. Some of you have wondered if the results are maintained after you stop using the product (I’m using Karin Herzog’s Dynamic Duo), to which I respond, I don’t know. I’ve never used an anti-cellulite cream before, but I will report what results I see 30 days after I stop using the product.

Do you believe anti-cellulite, anti-aging, and various other types of creams work, or do you think they’re a fantasy in a bottle?

What I Learned: Thanksgiving is for the birds.

Karin Herzog sent me two free tubes of anti-cellulite creams, but my 30-day cellulite status report will be 100% influence-free.