Why Some Women Stay Wide Awake While Getting Breast Implants

I step into the doctor’s office for a simple checkup and want the highest drugs possible to knock me out. But some women are getting breast implants and staying wide awake during the invasive surgery. Yowza! Said Kelly McCoy of Plano, Texas, a 23-year-old who had her B-cup breasts enlarged to C-cups, “Just the fact that I don’t have to undergo general anesthesia and the fact that I get to have a hand in seeing what the end result is going to be was like a huge selling point to me.” Apparently, not getting anesthesia is worth being able to give “final approval” to your plastic surgeon while you’re under the knife. So, how painful is undergoing plastic surgery while wide awake? “It’s kind of squirmy and painful but it’s not like that bad,” said Kelly. “I would compare it to the dentist.” Some plastic surgeons criticize wide-awake procedures, saying an anesthesiologist is needed. But maybe the fact that awake breast augmentations costs less than surgeries with anesthesia might have something to do with their disapproval as well. Also, how ridiculous is the beginning of this TV news segment where the newscaster is standing next to super-imposed celebrity boobs? Please, please tell me “The Daily Show” has seen it. [KDAF]