DIY Holiday Gift Roundup

A couple weeks ago I asked you to share your DIY holiday gift suggestions. If you plan on making your own gifts this year, you should probably get started this weekend if you haven’t already. After the jump, a round-up of some of the best reader suggestions if you’re still looking for inspiration. 1. From titsmagee, who seems to be the queen of DIY holiday gifts:

I’m making homemade bath fizzie squares for some of the ladies on my Christmas list, felt coasters for my grandparents (with stamped holes and tasteful embroidery), teacup candles, salted butter caramels (David Lebovitz’s recipe), a dog bed for my neighbors who are about to get a Boxer puppy, and personalized felt ornaments (like ones for babies born this year—first ornaments!). Oh and I’m making a huge batch of cookie dough to freeze and give away to my stoner friends. Martha Stewart has great ideas and how-tos.

2. From Freudianslip:

I’ve been wanting to make light bulb/glass jar terrariums since I saw them a year ago…thanks for the reminder! I like these, which use little plastic figures to give the “mini-jungle” a critter. Definitely gonna be crafting!

3. From Kyogsa:

Cookies in a jar: Find your favorite cookie recipe and get all the ingredients. Remember to multiply it times the amount of gifts you want to give. Quart jars tend to work much better than pint. You will also need Ribbon, pretty cloth, and paper. My favorite is chocolate chip oatmeal cookies so I will use that as a example. Mom likes to do cheese straws for hers. Layer the ingredients with whatever you need the most of in that order, so for the cookies the layers would look like: Flour, Oatmeal, brown sugar, etc.

A bit of room at the top is OK. If it bothers you, then stuff with parchment paper or paper towels. Don’t worry about even layers. uneven ones look like earth strata and are pretty. Don’t put the wet stuff in the jar. Butter, milk and oil is something they can add to the recipe later on. Next cut a square of your cloth. Put the quart jar’s lid on, then the cloth and then screw down the rings. The cloth is not only pretty to look at, but will hold the lid shut tight so they can keep their cookies for a while. Then tie on your ribbon. I add a bell or pretty Christmas ornament to my ribbon and just use scissors to make curls. Finally, add the tag with the recipe either printed on there or hand-written. I print mine out on a computer, fold it in half and then put a hole in the paper so I can slide the ribbon though.

4. From Lindseylee21:

Last year I bought a wood burner at Michael’s for about $15 and burned monograms into wooden spoons and spatulas for several people. It takes a little practice to get it right but they turned out really cool. And you can get wooden spoons and utensils at the dollar store — I think I got them 3/pack for a dollar, it was awesome.

5. From Katsiebug:

I love mirrors as decorative items and recently went to Michael’s and picked up a few basic wood framed ones for 2 bucks each. Got some paint and a few stencils and ended up with a beautiful row of painted mirrors that hang in my bathroom. I have also given some as gifts and people love them. So easy and CUTE!

Do you have more ideas? Tell us about them in the comments!