Today’s Lady News: Couple’s Abortion Poll Was Totally A Pro-Life Hoax, Duh

  • The online poll about whether a Minnesota couple should have an abortion or bring the pregnancy to term? Totally an anti-abortion hoax. (Obviously.) Pete and Alisha Arnold confirmed to CNN that they bought the domain name four months before she got pregnant and were trying to “make a point” about abortion. However, for the past week, the Arnolds have adamantly been insisting their poll was not a hoax. “My intent is not to deceive people, but at the same point, I do want people to talk about this,” Pete Arnold told CNN. “This seemed like a pretty good way to further the discussion.” Wrong and wrong. Also, Alisha Arnold has been fired form her job over this nonsense. [CNN, Gawker]
  • The transgender model Lea T will appear on Oprah’s show in February. Lea T has been in a Givenchy ad campaign and in French Vogue [Elle]
  • Major news: full episodes of “The Cho Show,” comedienne Margaret Cho’s 2008 reality show, are available online at LOGO’s website. I know what I will be doing over the four-day weekend! [LOGOtv]

  • Michelle Obama is working to bring 6,000 salad bars to lunchrooms across the nation. What, and deny children of America the experience of eating a ChocoTaco for lunch? [ColorLines]
  • Randall Terry, the leader of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, which protests outside of clinics, said he wants grisly commercials of aborted fetuses to be on TV screens nationwide by 2012. Oh, joy. [Washington Post]
  • Attention, Bikini Kill and Le Tigre fans in the New York City area: there will be a Kathleen Hanna tribute show at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on Saturday, December 11th. The lineup includes Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth and JD Samson from Le Tigre and MEN, plus a bunch of other bands. The event is a benefit for a documentary about Kathleen Hanna to be titled, “The Kathleen Hanna Project a.k.a. Who Told You Christmas Wasn’t Cool?” You just might see some Frisky bloggers in attendance … [Pitchfork]
  • A trans woman in Texas was arrested for using the men’s restroom at a public library. [Queerty]
  • Planned Parenthood in Alaska and two doctors have filed a lawsuit against the state to block a new law that requires the parents of a teenage girl to be notified before she can have an abortion. Alaskans approved the law in an August vote and it is set to take effect on December 14. [Anchorage Daily News]
  • Articles about teens choosing plastic surgery to boost their self-esteem usually depress the hell out of me. [ABC News]
  • An eight-year-old girl in South Carolina faked stomach pains after being abducted by her father. He took her to the emergency room, where a nurse noticed she was behaving oddly and checked the Amber Alert web site. That’s one bright little girl! [MSNBC]
  • Meet Maria Davis, 51, who has been living with AIDS since 1998, and is a peer educator about HIV/AIDS at Harlem United in New York City. She was infected during heterosexual sex, but is sometimes asked if she was a prostitute or abused intravenous drugs. What an inspiring individual. [Black Voices]
  • Citizens of Council Bluffs, Iowa, packed into a city council on Monday night to protest against building a proposed abortion clinic on city-owned land. The city eventually voted to sell the property, but to stipulate a clinic cannot be built there. [Chicago Tribune]
  • For the first time ever, here’s a recently deceased man included in Today’s Lady News: Stephen Grubman-Black was a professor for and director of the University of Rhode Island women’s studies program and passed away this week at age 65. Grubman-Black taught a class on “Men and Masculinity” and published a book called Broken Boys, Mending Men in 1992. When he married a fellow professor, he hyphenated his name with his wife’s maiden name. Aww! Said URI’s dean, “He was a feminist before I knew what a feminist was. He was one of the first men I met who really truly understood the challenges women face around the world — lack of equity, lack of justice, unequal pay.” [Providence Journal]


  • Prodigy’s song “Smack My Bitch,” which was banned by the BBC, has been voted the most controversial song of all time in a poll by the Performing Rights Society. We can’t imagine why … [BBC]
  • The trend of prepubescent Muslim girls wearing the head-covering hijab veil is teaching them to view themselves as sexual beings too early, argues one Egyptian man. [Guardian UK]
  • A $4 dashboard doll is causing a stir at a Malaysian marketplace because her bra can be removed so her breasts jiggle. Apparently, the boobs jiggle because of solar energy. I can’t tell if this is offensive or cool. [AsiaOne]
  • Meet the women who labor in coal mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo. [Guardian UK]
  • Meet Sophie Aslawhere, the lesbian who is leading France’s battle to overturn a gay marriage ban. Sophie has been with her partner for 15 years and they have children together. [Queerty]
  • A very, very dedicated Czech woman learned Croatian so that she could write a book about her favorite Croatian soccer coach, Slaven Bilic, in his native tongue. Michaela Rejzkova, 21, wrote a book called A Czech Croat about her “relationship” with the guy. Stalker-ish, but nevertheless impressive. [Croatian Times]

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