Phew! Jennifer Grey Is The “Dancing With The Stars” Champion

Last night on “Dancing with the Stars,” the sanctity of the mirror ball trophy—not to mention the order of the universe—was restored. A champion was crowned and it was not, as many people had feared, Bristol Palin. Nope, the “DWTS” voters of America came to their senses and gave the win to Jennifer Grey, who turned in many a perfect 30-point performance during the season, despite being over 50 and having a slipped disc in her back. And we couldn’t be happier about this because Jennifer is, in two words, freaking awesome. After the jump, 10 reasons we love Jennifer.

  1. Did you know that Jennifer was engaged to both Matthew Broderick and Johnny Depp? It’s true. She also dated George George Stephanopoulos and is now married to the adorbs Clark Gregg of “The New Adventures of Old Christine.” Good taste! [Wikipedia]
  2. She’s the daughter of actor Joel Grey, i.e. the original Master of Ceremonies in “Cabaret.” I wonder if he’s partly responsible for her dance skillz? [Wikipedia]
  3. Her first acting gig was in a Dr. Pepper commercial, which is obviously the yummiest soda out there. [Wikipedia]
  4. A year later, she landed the part of Ferris’ sister in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” While they played siblings on-screen, they also dated on the sly off-screen.
  5. And a year after that, Jennifer proved that Baby should never be put in the corner in “Dirty Dancing.” It remains one of our favorite movies to this day.
  6. Jennifer famously got a nose job, which normally would not be cool. But she later spoke out against plastic surgery saying, “I went in the operating theatre a celebrity and come out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible. I remember going to a restaurant where I had been going for years. I ran into people I knew and would say, ‘Hey.’ Nothing. I’ll always be this once-famous actress nobody recognizes … because of a nose job.” [Contact Music]
  7. Jennifer guest-starred on “Friends,” playing Mindy—Rachel’s ex-best friend who went on to her marry the guy she left at the altar, Barry. Making Jennifer Grey the original Jennifer Aniston rival. [IMDB]
  8. A few years later, she playing a meta version of herself on the hilarious sitcom “It’s Like You Know.” She explained, “They’re using my name and certain facts from my life, but they’re magnifying things to make it more dramatic and fun. I am playing myself, but not myself. A lot of the appeal of the role is in blurring the lines of reality and fiction.” [WCHS-TV]
  9. While we were taken with her watermelon-carrying freestyle dance, in the finale of “DWTS,” judge Bruno Ronioli gave her the best compliment—that he adored her paso doble so much, he wanted to give her a score of 11. [MTV]
  10. Oh, and with her “DWTS” triumph, she gave professional dancer Derek Hough his third win in the show’s history, his first two with Nicole Sherzinger and Brooke Burke. [Peace FM Online]

Were you glad to see Jennifer win on “DWTS”?