“Burlesque” And “Showgirls” Are, Like, Totally Different Movies

Every time I see the trailer for “Burlesque,” the more and more it seems like a PG-13 version of the infamously NC-17 “Showgirls.” Even the teaser posters for both movies are eerily similar, down to the font choice. Which is confusing, because “Showgirls” is so laughably bad, I’m just not sure why any studio would greenlight such a similar movie. Or why anyone would want to star in it. Not to mention write and direct it. But, as I read more, I’m seeing that there are some subtle differences. Seriously subtle. A side by side look after the jump. Oh, and SPOILER ALERT.

“Showgirls” “Burlesque”
The Protaganist A raunchy stripper, played by Elizabeth Berkley. A sweet small-town girl, played Christina Aguilera.
The Protaganist’s Name Nomi Ali
The Setting The Stardust Casino in Las Vegas The Burlesque Club in Los Angeles
The Bad Guy Who Wants The Protaganist’s Sex Kyle MacLachlan, a casino big whig who tells Nomi about her dream audition. After they’ve boned. Eric Dane, a real estate richie who offers Ali a shot at an audition. He doesn’t get laid.
The Uber Glamorous, But Aging Mentor A mean and catty Gina Gershon. A tough but supportive Cher.
The Rival Who Most Be Whisked Out Of The Way Still Gina Gershon, aka Cristal Connors. A brunette Kristen Bell, as mean girl Nikki.
How The Rival Is Aufed Nomi pushes Cristal down the stairs and breaks her leg. Nikki gets fired for being an alcoholic.
The Glory Moment Nomi becomes the star of “The Goddess” show. Ali sings “I’m a Good Girl.”

So, while these movies do have a whole lot in common, the basic verdict is that while “Showgirls” is nasty and seedy, “Burlesque” takes similar subject matter and makes it nice and sweet. Which take do you prefer?

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