Ask The Man Panel: Sleeping Bag Chic

Comme des Garçons calls this a “blazer,” but it might be more aptly described as a “puff ball with a head hole,” or perhaps a “giant, wearable replica of a human brain.” If it didn’t cost $2,500, I might have to go pick one up for myself out of sheer curiosity. The next best thing? Asking our awesome Man Panel for their candid thoughts on this slightly confusing piece of couture…Here’s what the guys had to say:

Henry, 26: What the hell have they done to that perfectly good sleeping bag?

Kyle, 22: It looks gross. I mean, I feel sick when looking at this.

Nick, 24: Oh! Oh! It’s like that one guy in India who grows bark all over his body and there’s a Discovery Channel special about him called “Tree Man.”

Paul, 31: Popples gave me nightmares when I was a kid. Apparently, Popples still give me nightmares now.

Damien, 33: Remember that episode of “South Park” where Stan stopped eating meat and started growing vaginas all over his body? Is that what is happening here?