5 Facts About Christina Aguilera’s New Man, Matthew Rutler

Christina Aguilera denied dating production assistant Matthew Rutler last time we caught them out together. But now they’ve been caught—gasp!—holding hands. Perhaps more importantly, they were leaving a hotel while holding hands. A source told Us Weekly, “They’ve been on a few dates,” but also says Christina’s focus is on her 2-year-old son Max. “She’s not looking to jump into a relationship right now,” the source adds. [Pop Eater]

They’ve been doing a pretty good job of keeping things under wraps, but it’s pretty obvious that these two aren’t just friends. And because I almost never get to utilize my boy-lurking skills in a professional setting, it’s time for five things to know about Aguilera’s new arm candy!

  1. Momma’s Boy. When they were first caught canoodling, someone hit up Matthew Rutler’s mom, Kathleen to see if she could confirm. Kathleen Rutler said of her son, “He is a wonderful son and a very loyal person, who hates seeing anyone upset. There is no doubt he enjoys Christina’s company, as a friend! That is what she wants right now, a friend. Matthew has told me she really finds it hard to find anyone genuine to listen to her. Despite what it may seem like, she is finding this split very tough.” What we can learn from this is that Matthew talks to his mom about girls and his mom loves him. [Perez Hilton]
  2. Working Man. Rutler has been working as a production assistant since 2009. He has worked on movies like “Grown Ups,” “The Town,” and “The Social Network.” For those of you who don’t know about the movie business, a production assistant is the beyotch who gets ordered around all day but gets to do lots of fun things like getting coffee, doing the movie clapperboard, moving sets, running smoke machines, getting things for actors, telling them when to come to set and anything else that needs to get done. [IMDB]
  3. Rocker. Rutler plays guitar for the Nate Modd Band. The other guys in the band could best be described as “bros,” but their press kit called them a “creativity packed funhouse of sound.” The New England-based band has two music videos for their songs “Say It” and “Vast Expanses.” If you value your ears, you should probably refrain. [NateMottBand.com]
  4. Class Act. Rutler went to Ramapo High School in Bergen County, New Jersey. Other notable attendees are Tara Reid and Danny Tamberelli (i.e. little Pete from “Pete and Pete”). He also attended Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, where he studied Business and Music, graduating in 2007. According to Facebook, the university has an “amazing buffet.” [Facebook]
  5. Star Signs. Rutler’s long-abandoned MySpace profile says he is a 25-year-old Aries. Christina is turning 30 in December and is a Sagittarius. According to their astrological compatibility, apparently “an instant rapport has these two impulsive, active fire signs in love in at first sight.” [MySpace, Astrology About]