“Ugly Betty” Actor Michael Brea Killed Mom With Samurai Sword

Sad, disturbing news in New York City last night: actor Michael Brea, 31, who had small roles on “Ugly Betty” and in “Step Up 3D,” was arrested after killing his mother with a samurai sword. Police said Brea hacked up and decapitated his 55-year-old mom, Yannick Brea, in the middle of the night while screaming Bible passages. Police had been called earlier in the evening to the apartment for a domestic disturbance, but they left soon after, according to The New York Post. Early in the morning, his neighbors in Prospect Heights heard him yelling “Repent! Repent! Repent!” Not surprisingly, Brea was taken to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Neighbors also said they were unaware Brea may have had mental illness issues. This is very sad, especially since there was already a domestic disturbance reported to cops that evening. And why do people even own those samurai sword things, anyway? Our hearts go out to the Brea family. [New York Post, Gothamist, BelFilm.com]