The “Dancing With The Stars” Finale: Bristol Palin Versus Jennifer Grey

Last night on “Dancing with the Stars,” the mirror ball hopefuls got one last chance to impress America with a redemption dance, to make up for their biggest travesty of the season, and a freestyle dance of their choice. The highlight of the night was Jennifer Grey’s freestyle, during which she carried a watermelon—an ode to the famous “Dirty Dancing” line, “I carried a watermelon?”—and shimmied to “Do You Love Me?,” another nod to her iconic movie.

After the jump, check out the night’s other performances. Here is Bristol Palin’s freestyle dance. While she looks dope, the dancing here wasn’t so hot. She and partner Mark Ballas got a score of 25 for the freestyle dance, while Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough got a 30.

Jennifer Grey also rocked it in her redemption dance, a paso doble. She got a second perfect score for this one.

Meanwhile, Bristol did the jive—this time minus the gorilla costume, but with really ugly shoes. She got a score of 27.

Yeah, and we’re not gonna bother with Kyle Massey’s two dances for the evening, since I’m still unsure of who he is and don’t think he has a chance. If America votes on talent, Jennifer will surely win. If America votes on Palin worship, Bristol has it in the bag. If that happens, we just hope no one shoots their TV. Who are you rooting for?

In other Palin “DWTS” news, Sarah Palin has an idea for who should be on the show next season. “After Kate Gosselin and Cloris Leachman, [Christine] O’Donnell would fit right in,” she said. “She certainly would be so controversial that the amount of press attention and buzz the show would get would be huge. Plus, you know they would make her dance in a witch’s hat with a broomstick.” Wait, that’s actually kind of genius. [PopEater]