The 30-Day Cellulite Challenge: Day 14

It’s Day 14 of the 30-day Cellulite Challenge, and I have to say the results at this point are “significant.” Either that, or I’m hallucinating. Some have suggested that just the act of massaging the treatment in reduces cellulite, which may be true, but it’s not like I’m sitting there massaging my butt for half an hour. Really.

In other news, what do Kate Middleton and my butt have in common? Find out. To get rid of my cellulite, I’m using Karin Herzog’s Dynamic Duo Anti-Cellulite Kit. To keep her face perfect and princess-like, Middleton uses Herzog’s face creams. Does she use the anti-cellulite creams, too? I don’t know, but a girl can dream.

Back to the backside at hand. I’d talked previously about how the application appeared to be working on my butt, but not so much the backs of my upper-thighs. Well, it looks to be working there now, too. Some of the more marked cellulite, as it were, is still hanging around, but I’d say I’m seeing about a 50-percent improvement at this point. Random: I wonder if the appearance of cellulite is affected by your period? Who knows. A woman’s body is a mysterious thing.

What I Learned: My butt is famous.

Karin Herzog sent me two free tubes of anti-cellulite creams, but my 30-day cellulite status report will be 100% influence-free.