Taylor Momsen’s Been Expelled

Looks like Taylor Momsen’s finally getting what’s been coming to her with that foul attitude. She’s been expelled from Constance for volatile behavior. “Gossip Girl” announced that Momsen’s character, Jenny Humphrey, will be sent on an indefinite hiatus from the show. While she’s only been on a few episodes this season, it looks like her scheming at the Saints and Sinners masquerade is the last we’ll see of her this season. I think that means she’s fired. R.I.P., Little J.And now Taylor can stop whining about how much it sucks to be famous and how it’s all mommy and daddy’s fault. She’ll have plenty of time to sit alone in her room and listen to Morrissey, write angsty poetry, or whatever strikes her fancy. Her acting career, at least, is over for the time being. [Celebuzz]