Research Says Tilt Your Head To Attract A Mate

In our relationship study of the day, researchers from University of Newcastle, Australia have discovered that attractiveness is all in the tilt of a head. OK, maybe it’s not all in the tilt of a head, but research indicates that women and men can make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex by angling their face a certain way. In the study, participants were shown “computer-generated, three-dimensional models of male and female faces” and were asked to rate each for attractiveness, masculinity and femininity as they were “tilted up and down in five different positions.” Apparently, women look more “alluring” if they tilt their chins down so they have to look up, while men get points if they tilt their chins up so they have to look down their noses. Researchers believe these angles mimic the view men and women of typical heights have of each other when standing. No news whether batting your eyes while looking demurely up at a guy helps your chances, but I’m sure we’ll have research on that soon … [via Telegraph]