On “Jilted,” Watch Brides-To-Be Suffer Crushing Heartbreak (Or Maybe Get Married)

Nothing says true love like watching women humiliated on national television. Following in the grand wedding-related reality show tradition of “Bridalplasty,” “Bridezillas,” and “Platinum Weddings,” WEtv’s new show “Jilted” stars marriage-starved women who give their commitment-phobic men an ultimatum: marry me or pack your bags. Because ultimatums always go so well.In this clip, we see one girl crying while she whimpers “I’m scared!” And an earnest groom-to-be says, “I don’t know if I’m willing to take the next step!” Of course you will have to tune in to see whether he ditches her at the altar.

If this were a show about nontraditional proposals — the women asking the men — that would actually be cool. But instead of treating marriage as a partnership that couples enter into together, “Jilted” appears to treat marriage as a life sentence foisted upon men when “the bride pops the question” — basically equating a woman “popping the question” with “issuing an ultimatum” (as though they’re the same thing?). But hey, who needs facts in “reality” TV?

[WeTV: “Jilted”]