Fox News’ Megyn Kelly On Flaunting Her Legs For Journalism

“Well, it’s a visual business. People want to see the anchor.”

—”Fox News” host Megyn Kelly’s response to a comment from a GQ reporter that “you sit behind a glass table that shows off your legs.” Interestingly, this segues into a GQ reporter asking Megyn if she is a feminist. Let’s see what Megyn has to say, after the jump.

Do you consider yourself a feminist?

I don’t really love that word. That connotes a harshness and almost a shrillness that I find unattractive.

What is it about that word?

Hmm, I respect women like Gloria Steinem who paved the way. But when you say “feminist” now, there is a message that if you are sexy and you acknowledge that part of your personality publicly, then it’s somehow an affront to women. And I reject that.

Does thinking that showing off your legs on air is not befitting of a journalist make me “shrill” and “harsh”? Well then, guilty as charged. That whole myth that feminists cannot be sexy is as old as Gloria Steinem is. Which is to say old. That really sticks in my craw, especially since later on in the interview, Megyn did have some enlightened — dare I say even feminist! — things to say about sexism in politics and yet she did not sound shrill or harsh at all. Baby steps, Megyn! [GQ]