Chicago Wedding Dress Crisis Averted Thanks To Twitter

The best part about being a bride is getting to strut around in the prettiest, priciest, most ridonkulously drop-dead gorgeous white dress in the universe! Oh yeah, and that whole life partner thing is cool, too. But seriously, the wedding dress is probs the one thing making me want to get married. After watching “Say Yes To The Dress” with my brother (yeah, he’s sensitive like that) and my sister-in-law, it’s clear that finding a man to commit is probably easier than finding that perfect dress to spend your special day in.

That’s why my heart broke when I heard that Eva’s Bridal Shop in Chicago burned to the ground, leaving so many brides dress-less for their weddings. (Bridesmaid dresses were lost too, but that might actually be a blessing from what I’ve seen.)Luckily, social media guru Sarah Evans snapped into action and took to Twitter. She posted about the fire in an effort to see if she could get some gown donations from her 50,000 some odd followers. Within minutes, she was flooded with responses. She even has a Google spreadsheet detailing the donations from size to style, and contact info for all those brides burned by the blaze. Hooray, @prsarahevans!

Now, Ms. Evans hopes to expand her random act of kindness into a large non-profit. “I hope to be able to turn this into a larger project to loan nice dresses to people who maybe can’t afford them.” Wow, way to turn this whole tragic situation around! So, if you’ve got a white dress to donate, hit up @prsarahevans for more info. [The Daily Mail]