4 Signs Jessica Simpson Might Be Pregnant

When Jessica Simpson became engaged last week, everyone thought it was conveniently timed with her ex-husband Nick Lachey’s engagement. But this week, the rumor mill is churning over the idea that Jessica is actually pregnant and is having a shotgun wedding. We suspect the latter and have noticed four signs that Jess is indeed with child. Check them out after the jump …

  1. She’s often spotted giving puke face. You know, looking as if she’s concentrating on not vomiting on a paparazzo. Also, her face looks plumper, in general. On the “The Early Show” yesterday, she said she had “the flu.” Everyone knows “the flu” is just a cover-up for either a wicked hangover or a bun in the oven.
  2. Jessica hasn’t dyed her roots lately. Most pregnant women try to stay away from unnecessary chemicals while pregnant.
  3. From the side, she has that telltale S-shape pregnant women get. Her breasts are the top curve, her belly is the middle, and her butt is the bottom curve.
  4. Jessica has been wearing loose tops more often than not.

We’re gonna take a wild guess that Jess will announce her pregnancy after the holidays.