Unlikely Style Inspiration: Spinelli From “Recess”

Did you guys watch “Recess” back in the day? It was my favorite cartoon for an embarrassingly long time. I watched it every week until it got cut from the Saturday morning line-up, at which point I believe I was a senior in high school. One of the best parts of the show was a character named Spinelli (shown above with the red arrow), who was this awesome Italian-American girl who could beat up any kid on the playground. Not only was Spinelli tough as nails, but she also rocked a sweet signature look …
The classic Spinelli outfit consists of striped socks, a slouchy T-shirt dress, leather jacket, knit cap, and chunky motorcycle boots. Here are some real-life options:

  1. Striped Leg Warmers, $27, Sock Dreams
  2. LnA T-Shirt Dress, $46, Bluefly
  3. Quilted Leatherette Jacket, $69, Arden B
  4. Frye Motorcycle Boots, $205, Zappos
  5. Cable Knit Beanie, $6, Forever 21