Today’s Lady News: Iran Might Not Execute Adulteress After All

Jessica Wakeman | November 22, 2010 - 9:30 pm
  • The head of Iran’s High Human Rights Council said the country may not execute Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani, a mother of two sentenced to death for adultery. It seems that human rights activists around the world — including French First Lady Carla Bruni — don’t like it when you kill people over something like marital fidelity. [AFP]
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said yet again that she’s not running for president in 2012. “I am very happy doing what I’m doing, and I am not in any way interested in or pursuing anything in elective office,” she said. []
  • A 19-year-old college freshman allegedly committed suicide in September, nine days after she accused a Notre Dame football player of sexually assaulting her. Lizzy Seeburg, who attended neighboring St. Mary’s College, told police she was attacked on August 31. Three weeks later, she was found dead of an alleged prescription drug overdose. Notre Dame has remained mostly quiet about the incident. [Chicago Tribune, USA Today]
  • A Hooters restaurant has opened up in Cardiff in the U.K., complete with 56 Hooters Girls, despite a crazy amount of opposition. [The Guardian]

  • Carol Moseley Braun was the first black woman to win a U.S. Senate seat and now she’s turned her sights to the mayorship of Chicago. [The Grio]
  • The TSA says there is no truth to the rumors that Muslim women wearing face-covering Muslim veils, such as hijabs, will be exempt from handsy airport pat-downs. [Talking Points Memo]
  • Meet Renee Fish of Marne, Michigan, one of the few feminist taxidermists in the country to run her own company, Gone Wild Taxidermy. “Hunting is looked at as a man’s sport; therefore, taxidermy should be looked at as a man’s job,” Fish said. “It’s not the girly thing to be doing. I just feel it’s what I’m meant to do.” Even though I think this is disgusting, it’s cool she’s a woman doing it on her own. (Warning: pictures of dead animals if you click.) []
  • Bible publisher Zondervan is getting rid of some of the gender-inclusive language the company put in its latest update to the Good Book. Apparently, God prefers the word “mankind” over “humankind”? [Jezebel]
  • Individuality — not necessarily a preference for straightening or going natural — is the new style for black women’s hair, says the L.A. Times. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Last month, high school students in New York City started their own feminist blog called “F To The Third Power.” Check it out! [F To The Third Power]
  • I love me some vintage sexist advertisements. []
  • More adorableness from Sally Hawkins, the actress who stars as Rita O’Grady, who leads a strike of female workers at the Ford plant in “Made In Dagenham.” You can catch my Q&A and movie review here! [Women and Hollywood]
  • Margaret Burroughs, co-founder of the DuSable Museum of African-American History in Chicago, passed away this weekend at age 93. The museum contains tons of information about the civil rights movement. [The Grio]
  • Norris Church Mailer, wife of Norman Mailer and author of a memoir about their life together, A Ticket To The Circus, passed away this weekend. [New York Times]


  • Art historian, therapist and writer Rozsika Parker passed away recently at age 64. Parker was an early editor of Spare Rib, a British feminist magazine, in the ’70s. She also started a feminist art history collective with Griselda Pollock and wrote books including Old Mistresses: Women, Art and Ideology and Framing Feminism: Art and the Women’s Movement 1970-1985 . Solo, she published The Subversive Stitch: Embroidery and the Making of the Feminine about embroidery, Torn in Two: The Experience of Maternal Ambivalence about parenthood, and several other books. [The Guardian]
  • A British politician is demanding that the royals abandon their lines of succession and allow the firstborn child to take the throne regardless of whether it is a boy or girl. [Birmingham Post]
  • Israel said it has used Facebook to catch 1,000 ladies who lied about their religious background to avoid mandatory military service. Uber-religious women can be exempt from service, so the Israeli military had peeps looking at women’s photos for signs they weren’t quite as kosher as they claimed. [Washington Post]
  • Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said girls should marry at age 16 or 17, while boys should marry at age 20. He said that Iranians waiting later in life for marriage and some of their family planning methods have been bad influences from Western culture. [MSNBC]
  • Women scientists deserve more credit for scientific study than they are getting, according to a study of the U.K. Royal Society’s archives. [The Observer]
  • Apparently, women should not be campaigning for equal pay. Wrap your head around this one for me, will you? [The Guardian]