Bristol Palin Receives “DWTS” Death Threat

Bristol Palin is turning out to be the most controversial “Dancing With the Stars” contestant ever. People are calling “conspiracy theory” on her miraculous winning streak. A Wisconsin guy even shot at his television screaming “f**king politics” after her performance last week, which earned her a spot in the finale tonight. But that wasn’t the last of the Bristol hating. On Friday, cops were called to the “DWTS” contestant’s studio where an unidentified powdery substance was found in an envelope with a death threat. The intended target? Yep, Bristol Palin. After a thorough investigation, the substance was determined to be talcum powder. Could embarrassing parent, drunk, ranting Lyn Patridge be behind this little stunt? Or another disgruntled contestant? Or is someone really planning to try to assassinate Bristol tonight at the finale? Who ever thought a dance competition could be so terrifying. [TMZ]