Beauty Pageant Drama Used To Be A Lot More Feisty

These days, the most exciting thing to happen at a beauty pageant is someone saying Americans cannot find the United States on a map “because they don’t have maps.” But back in 1970, things got way more feisty! This weekend was the 40th anniversary of the 1970 Miss World Pageant, when a feminist group called the Women’s Liberation Movement pelted smoke-, flour- and stink-bombs at the host, Bob Hope, while they chanted, “We’re not beautiful, we’re not ugly, we’re angry!” No doubt these women had armpit hair down to their knees and were wearing their bras while they set them on fire — that’s how hardcore they were. The best part is when Bob Hope says, “Anybody that would try to break up an affair as wonderful as this with these kind of proceedings … have gotta be on some kind of dope.” Ah, yes, that explains it: women who object to beauty pageants must be on drugs. [The Guardian]