5 Things You Should Know About Malin Akerman

I’m a little bit sad for Lindsay Lohan. The producers of the Linda Lovelace biopic “Inferno” decided that they’ve waited long enough for the young starlet to get herself together and have replaced her with actress Malin Akerman. Producer Chris Hanley explains, “For herself and her career in general it was really her decision to just focus on getting better psychologically. Malin was passionate to take this challenge of the role to task and we feel she has the talent to meet that challenge.” [People]

I guess Lindsay got burned by the inferno and in the meantime, the producers drummed up as much press as they possibly could from the situation. No matter, though. Malin is actually a great choice to replace Lohan. In case you have no idea who I’m talking about, we rounded up five things you should know about Malin.

  1. The 32-year-old actress was born in Stockholm, Sweden, to a model and an insurance broker. Her family moved to Canada when she was 2 years old and after her parents divorced, Malin was raised by her mom in Toronto while her dad moved back to Sweden. She considers herself both Swedish and Canadian and speaks fluent Swedish. [MalinAkerman.net]
  2. When she was 17 years old, Malin won the Ford Supermodel of Canada title and she spent the next three summers walking European runways. Malin slowed down her modeling career around 2000 in order to transition into acting. You might recognize the actress from her roles in “The Heartbreak Kid,” “27 Dresses,” “Entourage” (the third member in the Sloane and Eric threesome) and “Watchmen.” But she is also currently a spokesmodel for an Affliction-esque clothing company called Remetee. [Remetee]
  3. Malin went to college at York University, where she studied psychology. Fellow Canadian Rachel McAdams attended the university at the same time. [IMDb]
  4. Akerman is the lead singer for the band Petalstones (previously known as Ozono). She met the band leader Francesco Sondelli when he edited her independent feature film, “The Utopean Society,” and she was “absorbed” into the band. [IMDb]
  5. In 2007, Malin married her fellow band member and Italian drummer, Roberto Zincone. Even though Roberto barely spoke English and Malin didn’t speak Italian, they fell for each other. Zincone said, “I knew she was a beautiful person without understanding all of her words.” The wedding took place near Sorrento, Italy. [InStyle]