Is Marriage Becoming Obsolete?

In a recent study of 2,691 adults, conducted by social scientists at the Pew Research Center, four in 10 Americans said they believe marriage is becoming obsolete. In 1978, only three out of 10 had the same belief. It would seem in that time, marriage has declined:

“In 1960, 68 percent of American twenty-somethings were married. By 2008, 26 percent were. Among adults of all ages, 72 percent were married in 1960, compared with just over half — 52 percent — in 2008, according to the Pew research.”

Of course, these statistics don’t necessarily mean Americans aren’t as family-oriented as we were 40 or 50 years ago. The modern family just looks a bit different is all, with single parents and gay couples raising families, unmarried straight couples living together, and many couples happily having children out of wedlock. I’m not sure marriage is becoming obsolete so much as the way we define “family” is rapidly changing. Thoughts? [via AOL News]