Book Trailers Make Me Want To Curl Up With A Good One

I am a total nerd, which means that I am kind of obsessed with the trend of authors making trailers for their books. Check out this one for Shya Scanlon’s debut novel, Forecast. It’s the tale of a woman named Helen living in Seattle in the year 2212, when the weather is totally out of wack and the city is being run on the energy of negative human emotions. Sounds like just the book for people like myself who love dystopian novels like 1984 and The Handmaid’s Tale.Forecast is also interesting because, rather than wait for a publisher to pick it up, Scanlon published the novel serially—Charles Dickens-style—on 42 web journals and blogs. So you can technically read it all online here. But it’ll be more fun to pick it up at a bookstore, no?