A Thanksgiving Dinner For 6 For $6 — Is This Possible?

Even if the ingredients for your feast next Thursday aren’t from Whole Foods, I think it’s safe to say the meal will definitely cost a lot more than $1 per person. Well, self-proclaimed professional “frugalista” Jeffrey Strain is planning to spend only that on his T-giving spread. He has embarked on a mega cheapskate challenge: to purchase a complete Thanksgiving dinner for a family of 6 for $6. Where was this guy when I was planning my wedding? But seriously, how is this even possible?From getting food at food banks and * using lots of coupons, apparently. Strain’s pretty sure, too, that he can score a free turkey as there are lots of promotions for free birds right now: He’ll even test-drive a new car to get one if he has too. If anyone could, this dude could meet this challenge. As a writer for Grocery Coupon Guide he lived on a $1 a day for 100 days last summer mostly because, with coupons that he scoured in recycling dumpsters and at grocery stores, he managed to only spend $76 on $1,400 worth of food.

This would be an impressive and inspiring feat, and quite a noteworthy one during our ongoing recession. Though, I am going to go ahead and guess that a.) Strain’s Thanksgiving meal won’t be a gourmet experience, and b.) he’s spent a lot of precious time getting these coupons (which, if “time equals money,” means maybe he’s not saving a lot of dough after all?). [AOL News]

*Note: The writer apologizes for initially misinterpreting the AOL News article; Jeffrey Strain got all the food from stores using coupons. None of it was from food banks. Thanks for catching that, commenters.

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