10 Tips For Surviving A Bad Day

Happy Have A Bad Day Day! I realize that doesn’t sound like a nice thing to say, but I’m looking out for your own good. You’re going to have a crappy day today. Don’t worry, I am too, but be happy that it’s Friday and if things aren’t going your way, I’ve got ten surefire tips for surviving a bad day. And don’t worry, the sun will come out tomorrow. You can bet your bottom dollar on it.

  1. Sleep. My grandpa always said that the best way to deal with anything is to get a good night’s sleep because whatever it is will be better in the morning. This also works when you have a good day’s sleep. It might not be productive, but when you’re having a day where absolutely everything goes wrong, sometimes resting your eyes and hoping tomorrow isn’t Groundhog Day is the best option.
  2. Shop. There’s a reason it’s called “retail therapy,” buying nice things for yourself makes you feel awesome. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, just something you wouldn’t normally indulge in like a really nice expensive cheese you’ve wanted to try or a new pair of cozy pajamas. Something that reminds you that you’re looking out for your best interests.
  3. Body massage. Getting a massage is not just about getting out those knots, it’s also really useful for the human contact aspect. I tend to forget how long it’s been since I’ve had a hug until I finally get a one. And massages are like full-body hugs. Just concentrate on the way your body feels and shut your brain off for the duration.
  4. Comedy. Everyone should have a go-to movie that will cheer them up no matter how bummed they are. Mine is “Grandma’s Boy.” Make some popcorn, pour yourself a glass, and laugh at something silly. It will fix most things. Or at least the laugh track will cover up your sobbing so you don’t disturb the neighbors.
  5. Go somewhere soundproof-ish and scream. This always seems to work in movies but the only time I utilize this is in my own car. Presumably, once you’ve screamed off the frustration, you’ll be slightly less agro. And maybe as a bonus, those around you start to think you’re crazy.
  6. Keep things in perspective. Even when things get really bad, chances are pretty good that your life could be a lot worse. Think about the good things and take a deep breath. Then think about all the bad things that happen to other people. Schadenfreude means happiness at the misfortune of others. It might not be kind, but it’s pretty effective.
  7. Do something silly. When you’re having a ridiculously bad day, chances are you’re taking all those awful little occurrences really seriously. Try to laugh it off, if you can. Do something silly like narrate your life in a British accent.
  8. Animals. Soft Ones. When I used to get depressed in high school, I would go to the animal shelter and play with the kittens and puppies. Now when I’m upset, I sometimes cry directly into my kitty. She puts up with it because I feed her and look so pathetic. And after I’ve matted her fur a bit, I remember how darn cute she is and feel almost happy again.
  9. Make plans. It always helps to have something to look forward to in the future. This means fantasizing about a vacation or ordering some concert tickets. I guess the philosophy behind this is that if you have a happy beacon in the near future, you won’t want to off yourself before that happens.
  10. Do kid stuff. When you’re little and you’re really upset. Like, didn’t get the My Little Pony Dream Castle for Christmas upset, your parents probably had a few tricks to make you feel better. And I don’t mean that you should go buy yourself a puppy; I mean go for a ride in the car or get yourself a root beer float. Whatever your parents did to make those melodramatic kid feelings go away will probably help now.