10 Celebs Who’ve Tried Screenwriting

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Living in Los Angeles, it’s a cliché to say you’re working on a screenplay. For 90 percent of those people, nothing will ever come of it. However, if you’re already mega-famous and totally awesome, like Natalie Portman, people will certainly pay more attention. The Harvard-educated actress has been shopping around a screenplay for a “ribald comedy” she wrote with friend Laura Moses. The script is called “BYO” and is about two 20-somethings who’re useless at love and decide to throw a party where women “bring your own” eligible bachelor. Portman wants to take on one of the roles while Anne Hathaway is supposedly interested in co-starring. The flick is being described as a female “Superbad,” and the comedy is hardly PG. Rumor has it that on page five of the script, one of the main characters is caught giving a 15-year-old a blowie! Several studios have passed already, but perhaps it will become an indie flick? [PopEater, Film Drunk]

I can’t imagine that Portman wrote anything that’s less than brilliant, but maybe she could use some advice from the following celebs who’ve tried their hand at screenwriting?

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