Who Pays For The Royal Wedding?

When many American couples are planning a wedding, tradition dictates the father of the bride foots all or most of the bill. Sure, Kate Middleton’s parents are self-made millionaires from their mail order party supply company, Party Pieces. But that’s nothing on Prince William’s deep-pocketed relatives, of course. Luckily, the royal family is not going to give poor Michael Middleton a heart attack. “Both the Prince of Wales [i.e., Prince Charles] and the Queen are likely to contribute towards the cost of the wedding. It will be a family contribution but no final decision has been made,” a palace spokesman told the Telegraph. “In particular, if the reception is held at Buckingham Palace, the Queen will pay for that.” For the Middleton family’s sake, here’s hoping that “are likely to contribute towards the cost” means “pay for everything.” In addition to paying for invitations, the reception and Kate’s gown and jewelry, it’s not inconceivable that hundreds of thousands of gawkers will crowd the streets of London for the royal wedding. (When Princess Diana and Prince Charles shacked up in 1981, roughly 600,000 people turned out to watch!) Cleaning up the London streets after that kind of crowd will be ridic and there will need to be police and security on hand to keep it all under control. It’s unclear whether the bride and groom’s families will pay for that part, or if the city of London will cough up the dough.

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