Tyra Banks’ New Gig: Commercial Director

On last night’s “America’s Next Top Model,” rather than have the final four model wannabes do yet another photo shoot, Tyra Banks challenged them to do what she called a “motion advertorial.” So, uh, what is that? One of those high-falutin commercials you sometimes see on fashion designers’ websites, complete with trippy visuals and moody music. The most exciting part of this challenge was that Tyra directed the commercial herself, making this her directorial debut. “I was really nervous about directing the girls in motion for the first time. I have to tell you that I have a whole new respect for directors through this process! It looks easy, but it ain’t,” she said. “I wanted to give the ‘Top Model’ fans something different and visually appealing for the new high fashion cycle, so I hope they like it,” she continued.

Let us know what you think in the comments section. Also, sound off on how you feel about Ann and Chelsey, this season’s two finalists. I agree that they’re the two strongest models, but am just so scared to see Ann in the Roberto Cavalli fashion show. Homegirl is a mess on the runway. [E! Online]