Momagers Who’ve Made Strange Business Decisions For Their Kids

It looks like Dina Lohan has no intention of laying low in the momager game, despite the fact that her daughter Lindsay is back in rehab. Fortunately for Dina, there are two more kids to screw up! And while Ali has already had some time in the spotlight, it’s her son Michael Lohan Jr. who will be starring in “Growing Defiant,” which will be produced by Dina’s production company (huh?), Defiant Pictures. The movie takes place in Long Island and follows a group of heroin-addicted kids. Yes, that’s right. Dina has hired her own son to pretend to be on heroin in the movie she’s making. Face, meet palm. [TMZ]

If my mom handled my career, I would be a pregnant baker/poet living in a cabin in Minnesota. Wait, that sounds awesome. But a lot of momagers haven’t made the best decisions for their kids. We’ve rounded up a few classics.

  • If you’ve seen the movie “The Blue Lagoon,” you know that Brooke Shields was a crazy beautiful child actress who didn’t wear much clothing. Her momager, Teri Shields, got a lot of flack for some of her business moves. Teri started marketing her daughter as “Brooke Shields and Co.” when she was a kid. Then she encouraged her underage daughter to play a child prostitute in “Pretty Baby,” where she made out with a way older dude. Pretty soon, she was posing in “sexually implicit” ads for Calvin Klein Jeans. That’s why Brooke is now hawking eyelash drugs and toothpaste—it’s a slippery slope! [Fox News]
  • You know that momma Kris Jenner has a lot on her plate with a household full of celebs-in-training. But this momager made a sketchy decision when her daughter Kim Kardashian’s calendar, which Kim had made exclusively for then-boyfriend Reggie Bush, arrived in the mail. Instead of asking Kim about it, Kris sent it to the printers and got it out to stores immediately. Sure, it was probably just a scripted plot-twist in “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” but it was not a great look. Kim also blames her mom for encouraging her to do Playboy. She claims her mom said, “Go for it. They might never ask you again. Our show isn’t on the air yet. No one knows who you are. Do it and you’ll have these beautiful pictures to look at when you’re my age.” [Perez Hilton]
  • It’s a miracle that Drew Barrymore turned out so well, given that her momager, Jaid Barrymore, started taking her to Studio 54 when she was a kid. She put Drew in her first commercial at 11 months old and in 1984, encouraged her daughter to be in “Irreconcilable Differences,” for which Drew got a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress. This was a strange decision on Jaid’s part because the movie was about a young girl who divorces her parents … which is just what Drew did several years later after two bouts of rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. [Hot Gossip]