Ask The Man Panel: Diana Ross In Shoe Form

When I saw these $2,000 Lanvin python and Mongolian fur pumps, a few things went through my mind. First and foremost: what kind of hair products would you need to buy to maintain these shoes’ lustrous locks?” A close second: I have to find out what the men think of these. Check out their candid opinions after the jump…

Kyle, 22: These are not shoes. This is a picture of Diana Ross. Nice try though.

Henry, 26: Do you think they have backward pointing footprints, like a pair of novelty sasquatch slippers?

Damien, 33: Someone get Dumbledore! Ron’s turned Diana Ross into a shoe again!

Paul, 31: I love them! They’re perfect for my Robin Williams-in-drag costume! And just in time for Hallow…wait, no, I think I hate them (but ask me again in 348 days).

Chris, 29: The end result of Diana Ross pissing off a cobbler.

Nick, 24: I would compare them to a skunk, but I don’t want to offend skunks.