Kraft And Chef Marcus Samuelsson Team Up To Feed Your Kid

Children are notorious for being picky eaters. There was a time when I would only eat peanut butter on a spoon, and after tiring arguments and discussions with my doctor, my mom gave in and let me eat only peanut butter for some meals. It’s too bad personal computers were an extravagance back then and not the norm — because maybe my mom could have sought the advice of someone like celebrity Chef Marcus Samuelsson, who has teamed up with Kraft Foods to develop a deluxe package for Kraft’s Big Fork Little Fork iPad app. There are 50 recipes and 10 videos from Chef Samuelsson, detailing how to make quick and nutritious meals for your children, on the new version of Big Fork Little Fork. And since the app is interactive (you can even chat live with Kraft via instant messaging), kids will be intrigued not only with playing with the iPad and app, but also with the evolution of a meal. They can watch the videos and see Samuelsson cooking with other children — and maybe your child will want to join you in the kitchen.

The meals are designed to be quick and easy since Samuelsson and Kraft know that most people have maybe 12 to 15 minutes to make a meal. The recipes call for fresh and store-bought ingredients, and the iPad makes it easy to bring your recipes with you to the market.

Your one goal at meal time might be to simply get your children fed, but with Big Fork Little Fork’s new edition, you can also introduce them to more global cuisine. Samuelsson says it’s best to break your kid of picky eating habits when they’re young, and his recipes introduce them to ingredients and spices they might not have tasted. But let me tell you, the recipes aren’t bizarre and sound quite delicious. I finally learned to love avocado after trying his chicken tacos, and the mint limeade was truly refreshing, despite the bits of floating mint leaves. (I’ve never been a pulp-in-juice type of person.)

So, at $4.99, the deluxe package of the Big Fork Little Fork app is a good investment in my book. Parents, what do you think?