FDA Tells Alcoholic Energy Drinks To Ditch The Caffeine — Or Else

It’s like Prohibition for sloppy drunk college kids! Hot on the heels of Phusion Projects voluntarily offering to remove caffeine from its “blackout in a can” drink Four Loko yesterday morning, the FDA has also warned four alcoholic energy drink makers that they all must either stop adding caffeine or kill the products. Phusion Projects, Charge Beverages (which makes Core High Gravity drinks), New Century Brewing (which makes Moonshot) and United Brands (which makes Joose) all received warning letters threatening to seize the alcoholic energy drinks from stores and to get a judge to ban their sales. The combo of liquor and caffeine causes “a state of wide-awake drunk” which can lead to “hazardous and life-threatening situations,” the FDA warned. Understatement of the year, you think?Four Loko, for instance, is available in 23.5-ounce cans of fruity-flavored 12 percent alcohol. It’s the equivalent, some say, of drinking a bottle of wine simultaneously with a six-pack of soda. Boozy college kids have fallen ill across the country — including in Washington state last month, when police thought students had been roofied because they were so bombed — and several states are in the process of enacting alcoholic energy drink bans.

Sure, you could sit around and lament the nanny state — but why not get with the Prohibition-spirit and make some bathtub gin? [Seattle Times]