10 Really Bizarre Guinness World Records

Happy Guinness World Record Day! In honor of this special day, which makes otherwise rational people do ridiculous things to get their name in the (kinda) history books, we’ve rounded up some of the weirdest records out there. Find out what they are after the jump.

  1. The first honor goes to former Texas Medical student Wesley Pemberton who had the world’s longest leg hair, which had grown to 5 inches long. After Pemberton realized it wasn’t a girl’s hair that had landed on his leg, he started conditioning the stuff to make sure it stayed nice. Dealbreaker? [KLTV]
  2. An English man named Ken Edwards ate 36 cockroaches in one minute on the appropriately named British morning show “The Big Breakfast.” He said that swallowing the critters is “like having an anesthetic at the back of the throat,” because of the scent they emit to ward off predators. Apparently, Ken got attention several years ago after putting 47 rats down his pants. [Guinness World Records]
  3. The record for the longest fingernails belonged to a woman named Lee Redmond, who managed to avoid cutting her nails since 1979 and they’d grown to a combined 28 ft., 4.5 inches. But when they broke off in a car crash, the 68-year-old realized it was way easier to do things without them and decided it was a sign to “move on.” The record was passed on to Melvin Booth whose nails were 29 ft., 8.3 inches. [The Wondrous, Telegraph]
  4. Last year, a man named Chayne Hultgren, but who calls himself The Space Cowboy, pulled 907 pounds using his eye sockets in Milan. How someone figures out they’re really good at pulling heavy things with their eye sockets we may never know.
  5. Apparently, when you put Mentos into a bottle of Coca Cola, it erupts. This is important to know if you intend to break the world record for most simultaneous Mentos-fueled Diet Coke explosions ever! This August, Mexico City broke China’s world record with 2,433 participants. (China’s record in June had 2,175 enthusiasts.) [World Record News]
  6. In 2008, 1,253 people dressed like Smurfs and gathered at the Muckno Mania Festival in Ireland. Naturally, they won the record for largest gathering of people dressed as Smurfs. It’s kind of shocking what some people will do to get in the book, but it’s also kind of impressive how people can come together for a common purpose. It’s too bad most of the common purposes don’t actually help anyone, but I guess fun is important and someone has to take care of the blue paint industry. [The Wondrous]
  7. I suppose the Guinness people thought it would be super cute for the world’s leggiest woman to pose with the world’s smallest man, but The Daily Mail said the little guy “caught a sneaky peek.” Svetlana Pankratova isn’t the world’s tallest woman (she’s 6′ 7″ while the tallest woman is 7′ 9″), but her legs are 4′ 4″ tall! The leggy Russian says dating has been challenging and said, “some [men] don’t like standing next to a woman that tall.” [Daily Mail]
  8. Charlie Bell decided he wanted to break a world record and got his chance on national TV after agreeing to move a crap-ton of maggots from one container to another … using his mouth. If you’ve got a weak stomach, you may have to stop reading, but just know Charlie won after moving 17 kilos (37.4 lbs) of the squirmy guys. And no one ever made out with him ever again. Probably.
  9. Bernie Barker retired from his energy job and took up a career stripping … when he was 60 years old. Barker wanted to get back in shape after recovering from prostate cancer and the career move also earned him the title of oldest male stripper. [Guinness World Records]
  10. There was an epic battle over who got the most piercings in one sitting, between a guy named Robison in Marseilles and a British dude named Kam Ma. Apparently, Robison was out to beat Kam Ma’s 2002 record of 600 piercings, by getting 1,000 piercings. But Kam Ma caught wind of Robison’s plan and broke his own record with 1,015 piercings, then Robison increased his plan for 1,200 but ended up getting 1,016 piercings cause he hadn’t thought about how crappy getting stuck with needles will feel after a few hours. After setting the record, he took out all of them except for the record-breaking one. [Oddee]