The 30-Day Cellulite Challenge: Day 7 & Day 8

We’re a week into my experiment in which I use myself as a lab rat to find out what happens when I attempt to eliminate the cellulite on my rear-end and upper-thighs. I have to say, I entered into this, and pretty much everything else I do, pretty skeptically. I do not believe in miracles in a bottle. Unless the bottle is labeled Botox. And that has its drawbacks, too. But …I think this stuff actually works? I can’t believe I just wrote that. I’ve been using Karin Herzog’s cellulite duo creams, and no one is more surprised than me to say it may be reducing my cellulite. Now, I’m not sure. I am going to wait and see. And I am aware of, and trying to combat against, the human mind’s desire to enter into wishful thinking. But I think I’m seeing results.

Here’s a question, though. Is cellulite a bad thing? A week or so ago I would have said yes. But I’ve spent so much damn time contemplating my backside and pondering the state of my cellulite that I couldn’t help but start to wonder, is this really an issue? Has my mind been twisted around by the beauty industrial complex? Is there some obscure culture in which cellulite is worshiped, and how can I move there?

I guess I’m wondering how much is really “wrong” with me, and how much is stuff I think is wrong with me. This goes for all things, and many women, too, whether it’s your body, or your life, or the way you look at the world. How do you come to terms with your flaws — and are they flaws? I don’t know yet.

What I Learned: Kim Kardashian has a bigger butt than I do.

Karin Herzog sent me two free tubes of anti-cellulite creams, but my 30-day cellulite status report will be 100% influence-free.