Butterfly Accessories: Not Just For Tweens

The butterfly has really gotten a bad rap when it comes to the fashion choices it inspires. Most often it’s relegated to tramp stamps and plastic tween jewelry, but why? It’s a beautiful creature with magnificent colors and I think we should embrace the more mature side of butterfly style. After the jump, a selection of gorgeous butterfly accessories appropriate for those of us who have already gone through puberty. [Monarch Hair Clips, $10, Which Goose Etsy Shop] The key to rocking this look without looking like you’re 12? Avoid hot pink, glittery, and sequined butterflies, and limit yourself to one eye-catching butterfly piece per outfit. Also maybe don’t pair a giant butterfly ring with your Justin Bieber concert T-shirt. Or do, but you’ve been warned.

  1. Lacquered Butterfly Ring, $5, Forever 21
  2. Butterfly Shield Necklace, $83, Max & Chloe
  3. Floral Butterfly Clutch, $32, Etsy
  4. Monarch Butterfly Hair Clip, $10, Etsy
  5. Spun by Subtle Lux Butterfly Scarf, $21, Piperlime