A Few Of My Favorite Things: Jacci Of The Blog “Being Perfect Is Hard”

Style blogger Jacci is the very cute lady behind the fashion blog Being Perfect is Hard. “My blog is pretty much a mashup of the things flying around in my head. It focuses on anything I like or that makes me happy,” she says. “I include things that make me go ‘WOW!,’ things that are unobtainable to me, people that inspire me, usually style or artistic-wise, outfits that I myself have put together, friends, cats, music videos.”

Jacci, who lives in Philadelphia, also strives to represent the city’s unique style. “We do have stuff going on, and I think the world should know about it.”

After the jump, some of the super-cool stuff Jacci’s into right now.

Jacci’s Favorite Things
Riding a bike in heels and fur (or faux fur) coats, or something fancy. I like when I see someone riding around wearing what may look like an inappropriate outfit for a bike. I don’t let my method of transportation compromise what I feel like wearing and neither should anyone else.
Being a homebody and cooking well-balanced meals. I’m talking breaded chicken breasts with mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, apple sauce, you know Thanksgiving-style stuff. Something your grandmother is eating for dinner tonight.
“Skateboard Kings.” It’s a documentary about the skateboard scene in the late ’70s. You can see all seven parts to it on YouTube. Everyone is just so young and carefree in it. It’s sort of hilarious.
DJing TV theme songs. My newest DJing strategy is throwing in some cheesy stuff like the “Baywatch” theme song, the “Ducktales” theme song, and of course the “Saved by the Bell” theme. You’d be surprised how many grown-ass men freak out when they hear these songs played in a bar setting.
Gangster wives and girlfriends. Like Sharon Stone in”Casino,” Michelle Pfeiffer in “Scarface,” and Paz de la Huerta in “Boardwalk Empire.” All have over-the-top, attention-grabbing style. Everyone stops and stares when they walk into the room.