What Do The Words “Spillcam,” “Vuvuzela,” And “Refudiate” All Have In Common?

“Spillcam,” “vuvuzela,” and “refudiate” are three of the most important words of 2010. Yup! The Global Language Monitor has just announced its all-important list of the top ten words of the year. Oooh, this is fun. It feels strangely scholastic, doesn’t it? Oh well, let’s go with it. The full list of the most important words of 2010 after the jump. Please note: your pop quiz on all the words and definitions will be held tomorrow at 10 a.m. Extra credit will be given to Friskians who can use all ten words in a sentence. Uh oh, my former teacher is showing.

  1. Spillcam. The thing that we watched the BP oil spill on in real time. Ex: Watching the spillcam made me sadz.
  2. Vuvuzela. Those weird-ass horns they used at the world cup. Ex: Stop twirling that vuvuzela. I have a headache and want to go to sleep.
  3. The Narrative. A fancy new buzzword for the way a political platform is packaged for mass consumption. Ex: I’ve completely lost track of the narrative on health care reform because it just depresses me.
  4. Rufudiate. A result of Sarah Palin’s idiocracy when she tried to combine the words “refute” and “repudiate.” Ex: Why does Mama Grizz get so much attention for making up the word refudiate while no one noticed when I made up the word “hissues,” a conflation of “hair” and “issues”?
  5. Guido and Guidette. Our friends on “Jersey Shore.” Ex: The little guidette has a big pouf.
  6. Deficit. It’s very, very big. Ex: Our deficit in the U.S. is very, very big.
  7. Snowmaggedden. A name for the record snowfalls on the East Coast. Ex: Should we be scared that global warming is causing a snowmaggedden?
  8. 3-D. A new way to describe how robust a product is. Ex: My new dildo is 3-D.
  9. Shellacking. A word to describe how poorly the Dems did in mid-term elections. Ex: The Democrats got a good shellacking in the House of Representatives on election day.
  10. Simplexity. Trying to make things easier sometimes makes them harder to understand. Ex: The Frisky strives to demystify the simplexity of dating.

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